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Rolling out of Cherryville, NC to Jackville FL Carolina Freight’s first twin-trailer was a 45’ beauty of a truck.  The advantages of a twin- trailer over the single trailer included more loading space and easier delivery with a significant fuel – labor cost.  One of the only difficulties for the driver was learning to back the twin 45’ foot rig up.   





Part Two in a Series by Jack Tonkin


         The predecessor of Tonkin Replicas Inc was Tonkin Inc, a marketing company started in 1970 by Jack Tonkin.  Among the early clients of Tonkin was Kenworth Truck, a division of PACCAR.  Kenworth used Tonkin for a wide range of services including direct mail, dealer communications, 50th year Anniversary celebration, calendars, advertising specialties, premiums and wearables.  Within several years Tonkin had obtained an exclusive license for the Kenworth Trademark for all logo, trade name products and this agreement set the stage for subsequ

Scale Model Buses

Prevost, located in Quebec Canada, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of touring coaches and customized bus shells.  Originally started in 1924, Prevost gains its name from Eugène Prevost who started the company in response to customer requests for a level of customization that was not available on the current market.

Announcing Best of Class Picks for 2011

 Tonkin Replicas wanted to highlight some of our trucks as best in show for  2011 so we asked three longstanding fans  -Mark Kulak, Roshanna Black and Gary Morton -- what they think are the best Tonkin Replica Model Trucks for 2011. It probably comes as no surprise to all those that know Mark Kulak, that he had a lot to say about his favorite Tonkin Replicas TON scale is.  Mark chose the” Heli Gas Tanker” because as he put it “the chrome finish is spotless, looks just like one you would see rolling down the road in sunny California.

PEM/AHL Collectible History Database Project

In an attempt to create a definitive database of all past and present PEM and AHL models run by either Tonkin Replicas or the former Hartoy company, Diecastcollecting.com is looking for your input.

The list below contains all current known information about these runs. If you possess any additional information or know information contained here to be incorrect, please provide your feedback using the link below.

Thanks. As always, your input is appreciated. 


Inventory Issues?

Being a reseller in a tough economic environment means you need to maximize the use of your inventory. One of the most difficult things to do when selling die-cast trucks in the retail market is maintaining a large enough selection of trucks to keep customer interested and coming back, but not having so much inventory it sinks you. Lucky for you, Tonkin Replicas is here to save your bacon. Tonkin Replicas has always been the leading innovator in the die-cast truck market.

You Can Never Have Too Many Options

Tonkin Replicas has done it again by giving collectors even more options for their 1:53-scale Precision Series models. Available for our industry-leading trucks are a large list of after market parts – everything from new light bars to the sought after APU. These parts raise the customization options to a level rarely seen in a factory-built diecast model.

New Tri-Axle Western Star Announced!

Using the existing PEM 1:64 scale Western Star 4900FA, Tonkin Replicas is in the early stages of building a new tri-axle frame to fit the existing cab body. And for the first time ever, we invite you, the collector, to be involved in the process. Shown here are the first PRO-E files that show the shape and different parts (different color = different part). Comments on the design can be emailed here. Any comments submitted by July 5th, 2008 will be considered.

BAE regional Jet article

The BAE-146 was first conceived to answer many of the world’s airlines needs for a short to medium-range aircraft that could operate quietly into densely populated areas.


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