Two Prototypes: Our 972K and 988K

Two Prototypes our 972K and 988K: These two models are still waiting approval as of June 2013.  Tonkin Replicas wanted our fans to have a first look at these sweet models.  These two replicas are the definition of cool. Luc Lebel, Regional Director of Constructio Tonkin Replicas' wrote:  "We are happy with our wheel loader.  Our engineers work hard to get this level of quality. For pricing in June of 2013, we suggest that you look at your favorite hobby shop.  In USA, our pricing is unveiled by our distributors. As folks can see, there is a quick couple on the 972k.  Good eyes guys!  All our medium wheel loader will have a quick couple. So 966K and 950K will have a quick couple.  1/87 models of the 966 and 972 are pin on bucket. Although the 994H was announced first the 994H by Tonkin Replicas as one of our new Construction Series, it will be the last launched.  Thanks again for your interest and stay tuned for more updates later in 2013.  So far we are on our production schedule with the inital release as of Autumn 2013. I will knock on wood; we are on schedule for  the release."