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The Kenworth T680 shows the newest aerodynamics of high performance truck design.  It's all there in our KWT680 diecast scale models from the way in which the hood flows into the body, to the large windshield that provides an enhanced visibility and impressive sight line. A premium feature of the Kenworth T680 is the pivoting passenger seat.  The passenger seat in the KWT680 swings 180 degress to meet the desk that drops down from a rear interior cabinet.  This feature means a built in mini-office right in the comfort of  your cab.

Kenworth T680 - Winning Details, Massive Design

The Kenworth T680 shows the newest aerodynamics of high performance truck design. It's all there in our KWT680 diecast scale model design from the way in which the hood flows into the body, to the large wind shield that provides an  enhanced visibility and impressive sight line.  

972K Wheel Loader... Robust...Industry Pace Setter

Robust decribes the new 972K Wheel Loader.  Start with a hitch system that attaches the front and rear frames, then the axles that can perform above the ordinary  industry standard and notice the Z-bar Linkage with the Series Buckets.  This Z-bar linkage system give higher breakout forces, better roll back angles and more rapid dig times.  In addition the one common interface on the Fusion Coupler System makes the 972 Wheel Loader strongly built and at the top of its class in Wheel Loaders.

966K Wheel Loader -- Setting New Standards in Heavy Equipment

Designed to improve operator performance and productivity while meeting Tier 4 Interim / Stage 111B emission standards, the Performance Bucket Series enhance visibility and decrease cycle times. The reliability, durability and versatility of the 966K result in a machine that is better built to meet customer needs. 

Huge announcement at DHS Diecast Open House July 28th - 29th

Watch for exicting and massive news about our upcoming construction line release.... see the 988k prototype live and in person... talk to Luc Lebel, Regional Director.... cool...

Big Display at DHS Diecast in Berea Ohio

Yes you saw it first here on diecastcollecting.com --a big show of our new construction line at DHS Diecast in Ohio. It will be the weekend of July 26 - July 28th....pretty sweet and exicting.

Coronado with Racing Trailer: Distinctive Engineering ..Innovative Details

Innovative details put this Tonkin replica at the head of the class in 1/53 scale.  We begin with a hood that opens so folks can see the Coronado's high performance / high capcity engine. In addition open the cab doors of this new Precision (1/53) replica to see the new roomy seats, extra head room and storage that the Coronado offers.  No surpise this new Tonkin replica is turning some heads.

More Top Secret News... yes more exciting photos coming soon...

Readers of this website get all the fast breaking news... expect a couple of 1/87 photos that are sure to thrill... we'll post these of our facebook page might be as soon as the end of next week... 

Freightliner Evolution in 1/64 Scale ..."Built to Win"

Breaking news:  Is the 1/64 scale Freightliner Evolution, with its drop axle the Tonkin 1/64 Evolution features an updated 53' van trailer.  Freightliner describes their new truck as “The Evolution of Efficiency”.  We describe our new 1/64 scale model as “Built to Win”.

Freightliner Evolution in 1/64 Scale ..."Built to Win"

The Freightliner Evolution in 1/64 scale, yet another example that one of our companies’ strengths is that we strive to provide the best in class of all major OEMs; Tonkin Replicas’ builds the most tested, rugged, current trucks we can. See photos here on diecastcollecting.com and on our facebook page. 


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