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Skagit Valley Transportation: From Food, Agricultural Products to Bio-Solids


Bud and Dode Egbers’s decision to haul gain and hay, in 1947, led to Skagit Valley Trucking. The Egbers found themselves hauling grain and hay on their four (4) trailers at the urging of other local farmers.  From day one then Skagit Valley Trucking’s core Mission has always been to “be the premier provider in the Pacific NW of transportation services, information, and technology for our customers, partners and employees.”

Watch for it.... a New Class of Tonkin Replicas coming your way...

We designed two new replica families in four scale model sizes- the 1:30, the 1:53, the 1:64 and 1:87 for PACCAR.  Classic design meets excellence in engineering...a winning combination....

Next Era in Tonkin Replicas History: The Executive Class Brand (1:30 scale) model


Next Era in Tonkin Replicas’ History: The Executive Class Brand (1:30 scale ) Model.


The new era in TR's Company history begins with the introduction of the new Peterbilt T587 and T 700 scale model family designed and produced for PACCAR. TR now produces these scale models in four (4) sizes - the 1:30, the 1:53, the 1:64, and the 1:87.  Our core philosophy is to design all our replicas in four scales, depending on demand of the product – we then will produce the model in any of the four scales.

Transport Jacques Auger, Inc.: Serving Four Corners of Quebec and Ontario


Jacques Auger at the age of 19, decided to use his affinity for all things mechanically driven to follow in family footsteps and buy his first truck.  Jacques began transporting asphalt and gravel. In 1968, this industrious enterprise leads him to establish Jacques Auger, Inc. of Laurier Station, Quebec. 

Did You Know…..? Tonkin Replicas’ PEM Brand -The Ultimate 1:64 Scale Model


PEM Trucks represent the ultimate 1:64 scale model. Forged from furnaces that melt zinc alloy at over 700 degrees, they're made by a process that forces molten metal into steel molds to produce an accurate model every time.

Mark your calendar for Truck World 2012


Mark your calendars for Truck World 2012 Thursday April 19th to Saturday – April 21st.


Did You Know…..? Tonkin Replicas’ TON Brand (1:87 scale)


TON (rhymes with stone) is often referred to as “little trucks that make a big impression”.  These affordable truck models are extracting in detail at 1:87 scale. TON Brand began in 1974, originally designed for mass market giveaways, these scale model trucks have ample imprint areas and a memorable end-user presence all wrapped up in style.  Why TON trucks?  The 1:87 scale is compact, convenient. Today Tonkin Replicas’ TON brand is a big hit with the serious collector. 


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