Tonkin Replicas Europe – Cat 994H Wheel Loader Available in 2014

994H Large Wheel Loader High Lift

Tonkin Replicas Europe presented – among many new products- the Cat 994H at the Modelshow Europe.  The 994H is a Large Wheel Loader with a high lift that measures approximately 13.3” in length at 1/50 scale.  The 1/1 994H is developed for mining operations and can easily load trucks with the extended high lift option. It has a standard payload of 35 tones and with the high lift has a payload of 32 tonnes with an exterior view of 360 degrees.  Tonkin new 994H Large Wheel Loader in 1/50 scale displays the same enhanced structure design and exterior view of the 1/1 994H. Visit Tonkin Replicas Europe’s webpage or click on this link http://www.tonkinreplicas.eu/en/scale-models/caterpillar  to see availability dates and pricing