Possum Belly Trailers: Productive Haulers for Waste Products to Livestock

From hauling grain to produce to woodchips to livestock or any bulk commodity that needs to  be unloaded off the back of the trailer... our Possum Belly in 1:53 scale is the right replica for any task at hand.  Tonkin Replicas specifically produced this trailer from extract industry standards, using high grade materials because at Tonkin we think if you put quality into the build - you get quality in the model.  Used primarily on the West Coast in the transfer of wood chip, logging and other waste products from one site to another; the Waste Product Industry relies on the possum belly.  It is critical to select the correct vehicle to achieve an efficient and productive hauling operation.  And that is why many trucking companies depend on the possum belly trailer. Possum Belly trailers can range in length from 46 to 53 feet. The standard width is 96 inches and can be configured for multiple decks depending on the type of cargo that is being handled.  This is especially important when possum belly trailers are used to transport live stock as is also commonly done.