Panella Trucking - Racing at it's finest..


In 1955 Bob Panella joined his father’s Trucking Company in Stockton CA.   Panella Trucking, LLC’s main facility has at its core a shop that is  self-contained  as it includes a large repair and maintenance shop, a large warehouse that features a trailer manufacturing facility, a fiber-glass and body workshop, a sandblast facility, steam wash facility, large paint booth, fuel island, as well as a large inspection station.  This independent operation lets Panella Trucking LLC perform all work and repair on demand. Being able to work on demand is a large advantage and is one of the reasons Panella Trucking LLC has grown to be one of the largest trucking firms for agricultural products in the US.  Panella Trucking LLC is mainly centered along the West Coast in serving  Oregon, Washington and California.  They also extend into Arizona and Nevada. 

Watch the racing team in action and the tour the engine shop on this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-_PHVxUpWw

Article adapted from Panella Trucking LLC’s About US  http://www.panellatrucking.com/about_us.html