Kenworth T700 with Possum Belly Trailer


Kenworth T700 with Possum Belly Trailer

Here we have combined the KWT700 tractor with its state-of –the –art design and the adaptable possum belly trailer -- innovation at the highest degree fuel efficiency with this tractor/trailer combo.

Tonkin Replicas’ Kenworth T700 in 1:87 scale is built with a sculpted exterior that displays the leading edge technology of the working original.  A glance at our newest Kenworth T700 and you can see that our scale model replica’s advance tooling results in advanced design.  Our replica shows the T700’s innovative bumper in addition to chassis fairings. We also have the maker lights of the T700.  Tonkin’s focus on details makes it clear why we dominate the diecast truck market.

Possum Belly Trailers are primarily used on the West Coast to transfer wood chip, logging and other waste products from one site to another. Selecting the correct vehicle is critical to an efficient and productive hauling operation and that is why many trucking companies in the waste product industry rely on the possum belly.

Possum Belly Trailers can range in length from 46 to 53 feet.  The standard width is 96 inches and can be configured to multiple decks depending on the type of cargo that is being handled. When there are multiple decks the trailers are equipped with interior ramps to make easy of unloading cargo easier.  This is especially important when Possum Belly Tractors are used to transport Live Stock as is also commonly done. Possum Belly Trailers transport Livestock to both maintain the comfort of stock and facilitate handling.