Did You Know…..? Tonkin Replicas’ PEM Brand -The Ultimate 1:64 Scale Model


PEM Trucks represent the ultimate 1:64 scale model. Forged from furnaces that melt zinc alloy at over 700 degrees, they're made by a process that forces molten metal into steel molds to produce an accurate model every time.

Superb engineering sees that each piece fits together tightly. Add high quality paint and graphics yielding vibrant colors and you have a distinct model that is as beautiful as the truck it replicates. Unsurpassed engineering, unequaled workmanship, unbeatable value and quality you can see, that is what makes Tonkin Replicas’ PEM Brand 1:64 scale truck the world’s best. 

An abundance of trailers, complemented by a wide range of tractors, make PEM scale models a sought after collectible.  PEM models were first developed by Phil Shaffer’s Hartoy Corporation two decades ago after he noticed there was need for a well built, highly accurate scale model in the die-cast marketplace.  Building on the success originally started by Hartoy, the PEM line became a part of Tonkin family brands in 2003: when Tonkin Replicas reached out to broaden its product offering by acquiring the popular 1:64 scale PEM from Hartoy. 

PEM trucks have set the standard in 1:64 scale as one of the longest running lines of diecast collectibles.  Why?  Sharp Graphics, top fleet names along with model duality all say why our PEM Brand 1:64 scale model trucks are best in class. 

We use more than twice the average materials in our PEM Brand as any other manufacturer; making our 1:64 scale models heavier and more long lasting.  Our PEM Brand 1:64 scale model trucks have the competitive advantage of weighing close to three (3) lbs. that is an average of three (3) times over  a typical competitor.   Moreover, each one of our PEM Brand model trucks passes a superior quality control check that makes sure quality is built into each model.

We produced sixteen (16) cabs, fourteen (14) trailers with the average length of 12 inches.   We are continuing the long tradition of building the World’s Best PEM Brand scale model trucks with new models due to be introduced to the market in Mid to late Summer 2012. 

In 2003Tonkin Replica’s produced a wonderful Kenworth T800 Dump Truck pictured here.    

And in 2004 we followed this with this terrific PEM Brand scale model that we named the “Solider” Model pictured here.


These amazing photo of the Kenworth T800 Dump Truck and this “Solider” model are posted through the courtesy of Hank’s Truck Forum.   The url for this wonderful website is http://hankstruckforum.com

Please take a moment to visit this Hank’s photo gallery it’s well worth the trip and also please remember not to post these photos to any other website or save them in any other way (without express written permission).


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